Wednesday, October 16, 2013

अनास्थामत पर नोटिफिकेशन

आखिर वो हुआ जिसकी थी प्रतिक्षा -- चुनाव आयोगने २७ सितम्बर को घोषणा कर दी कि ईवीएम अर्थात वोट-गणना मशीनमें अनास्था मत दर्शानेकी व्यवस्था होगी। साथ ही फॉर्म २० में भी --ताकि परिणाम घोषित करते हुए उन मतदाताओंकीभी संख्या घोषित हो सके। अब चुनावको बिझिनेस कहनेवालोंको राजनीतिसे बाहर करनेका मौका हम सबके सम्मिलित प्रयास में है। इस चुनाी सीझन में मतदान अवश्य करें।
No.ECI/PN/41/2013 Dated: 27th September 2013
Press Note
Subject: Supreme Court’s judgment for “None of the Above” option on
Hon'ble Supreme Court, in its judgment dated 27th September 2013 in
WP (C) No. 161 of 2004, (People's Union for Civil Liberties and another Vs.
the Union of India and another) has directed the Election Commission to
make necessary provision in the ballot papers/EVMs and provide a button
for 'None of the Above' (NOTA) in EVMs so that the voters who come to the
polling booth and decide not to vote for any of the candidates in the fray, are
able to exercise their right not to vote while maintaining their right of
secrecy. In accordance with the order of the Supreme Court "None of the
Above" shall be printed in a separate panel on the ballot paper below the
name of the last contesting candidate. This ballot paper shall be affixed on
the Ballot Unit of the EVM. If the voter presses the button next to "None of
the Above" his desire not to vote for any of the candidates in the fray will get
recorded in the EVM in secrecy. Commission shall also make appropriate
changes in Part-2 of Form 17C used during counting and the result sheet in
Form 20 to separately compile the number of persons who used the option
not to vote for any of the candidates in the fray. Election Commission of
India shall issue detailed instructions to ensure compliance with the order
of the Court as expeditiously as possible.
(Dhirendra Ojha)

Friday, October 04, 2013

Top-ten priorities before nation

एक दिन जो सोचने बैठी कि देशकी टॉप टेन बातें क्या हैं जिनके लिये सरकार मे एकरूपता, एकसंघता की भावनासे काम अनिवार्य है तो ये सूची बनी (ग्यारह हो ही गई) ----

Eco-Land-Hills-Forest-Rivers-Water Conservation

Revamp system of education 

Save Indian Languages and Cultural Heritage

External and internal security including International Diplomacy

Research -- from present abysmally low to a respectable level

Communication -- Physical, Satellite, OFC

Eradicate Corruption -- Revamp  Political Administrative and Judiciary processes.

Work and Energy Efficiency

Agriculture- Life-cycle model - Biodiversity 

Revamp system of  Health 

Sustainable Development models for  Rural and Urban areas.

Eco-Land-Hills-Forest-Rivers-Water Conservation
1.    Barren Lands and mountains to be afforested.


  1947 - 6000 Metric Cubic Water Availability
   NOW-1250 ----------”-------
   Dependent more on ground water than on surface water
   Water bodies
   Complete all the ongoing projects on the priority


Save Indian Languages and Cultural Heritage

  • Focus on value education for 0-6 and 6-10 
  • Female - Foeticide vs Empowerment
  • Sanskrit Development and Inclusion in Syllabus in line with the yoga

Revamp system of education and Health 

          1.   with due emphasis on Vocational and non-formal education
2.    Health Sector- 108 Mrutyunjay for all states
3.    Yoga Education
4.    Tourism-Health Tourism

External and internal security including International 


-Filling up of all vacancies
-strengthening of security
-fencing of borders
Officers vacancies are 12000
Total 11 lakh force
Recruitment of 300000 by 2015.
Private participation in defense forces technology.
Road and rail network in border areas is delayed due to clearance from environmental ministry.
Army exercise in NE yuddhabhyas nothing like this in last 25 years at core level (24000 soldiers)- as soon as possible.
Armylike exercises in the hinterland -- Prabhat Feri, Scouts and Guides, NCC, Home guards, Mohalla committees, night watching.
Longterm, mediumterm and shortterm policy on Kashmir

    2nd biggest network in the world
    If assured reservation to be given if booked 90 days in advance
    Should allow reservation up to the open ended better planning for the people as well as by railways. People can as advance as they want.
    Railway fare Authority to be established so that fare does not go as per whims of the politician.
  • A380 big planes for 4 metros.
  • Ports
    Total coast line is 7517 KM
    12 Major ports
    200 Non Major ports
    Average turn around time is 3-6 days compared to 10 hrs in Hong Kong

Eradicate Corruption


Work and Energy Efficiency

Agriculture-Life-cycle model - Biodiversity 


  1. FCI stores 68 MT- Wheat & rice
  2. Out of these 25 MT rots as it is unprotected or not stored properly.
  3. Government doesn’t release this in market as prices will lower.
1. More cash yielding crops
2. Use technology for storage and better growth
Examples of Good storage systems of Sangli – Turmeric

Sustainable Development models

  1.  Urban infrastructure Development

1. Water sanitation
2. Solid waste Management
3. Urban transport
2 Rural Infrastructure
          1st level

-        Power telecom
-        Physical Plant
Second level
     3. Credit cooperative societies etc.
Have uniforms for staff and officers it gives better discipline and uniformity, oneness,unity
  • India lost 1 lakh crore rupees
  • Road
  • Railway
  • Power plant
  • Building
  • Delay due to many reasons one thing common – delay in government decision making
  • Others
  • Non cooperation in budget
  • Changes in officers /leaders
  • Arbitration and disputes
  • Bureaucracy
  • Fund availability
  • Many projects are not economically viable and are announced just for public sympathy or for votes
PSU management
Government with its priority appoints executive and directors
& not wrt requirement of PSU or let PSU decide its HR policy.
As Slokam engineer built Bhakra Nangal Dam in record time.
E Shridharan built
NTPC built new power plants
NHAI building road with
3 crore cases are pending in the courts in 16000 court across India.
26% pending for more than 5 years
40 % more than year
Presently only 15 court per 10 lakh people.
Efficiency to be increased of the courts
( Maharashtra 29.77 Lakh cases pending till 31-12-2012.
1 lakh cases in metropolitan magistrate
18 judges handling cases fr every 10 lakh people.
Own infrastructure of the courts to be built no buildings on rent as is in some cases lease is going on for years.
BIHAR STATE MODEL of Fast track courts for corruption cases.
Madhyastata Kanoon
Domestic /Family problems
Nyayadhikaran & Niyamak Sanstha
Should be founded
Sick &weak judiciary
Affected economy
Congentrix- left India due to this
Commercial Division in High Courts
Global Legal system should be supportive of economy
   It is for decentralization and transparency
Government works in hierarchy
IT can deliver better delivery of Public Goods to People.
Irrigation projects
-        Completion of Half finished projects
-        Small bunds
-        Animal Husbandary